Advice Vs Counselling

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Advice Vs Counselling

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There are many misconceptions about counselling that I come accross most days. The most common one is we tell our clients what to do in the form of advice, sometimes yes we do give advice but I say 99% of the time I’m there to listen, be a sounding board and ask the difficult questions are friends don’t. Advice Vs Counselling needs to be addressed so that people know what to expect.

Advice differs from counselling!

When we have a problem or something that we need a little guidence on we often turn to people who are close to us,  sometimes they are just too close and too emotionally involved in our situation. Often it can be the advice that they think we want to hear, or the advice they would want if they were in the same situation and often the advice isn’t right for us!  There is also the added pressure of the consequences of not taking the advice and having ‘I TOLD YOU SO’.

Counsellors rarely if ever give advice!  We may on occasion advise a relaxation technique a therapeutic tool, a visit to a doctor, financial advisor, or lawyer depending on the situation and perhaps getting the help they need; but its there for our clients to take or leave.  We are their for our clients to  listen, watch and ask the difficult questions that  they haven’t thought of or avoided, we are there to help our clients work through whatever is happening in a safe, non judgemental enviroment.

Advice Vs Counselling

So when something comes up its important to work out what you actually need, and advice vs counselling will come into play.  What do you need? Someone to listen to you or someone who is going to give you advice?It all depends on what your needs are, its important to ask.