Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength- FACT!!!

Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength- FACT!!!

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“The healthy and strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it. 

Rona Barrett

 Asking for help for many people is  admitting to failure, for many they carry on regardless struggling with their situation not knowing where to turn and admit their inner most thoughts, sometimes the need for help can far out pass the keeping it together.

Asking for help isn’t and never will be a sign of weakness, it shows the strength a person has to admit they aren’t coping.  Most of my clients find it easier to admit to me that they aren’t coping than to family and friends, I imagine that this is because I am impartial and I’m not judging them something they believe their friends and family will judge them for feeling the way they do.

Every time a person admits to not coping they are often asked questions that imply judgement which makes a person feel worse, inadequate and in turn internalise what is happening even more.  This is where Counselling differs by giving people the chance to explore there emotions free from judgement or been asked the dreaded question why do you feel like that?  I often tell my clients the way you feel is the way you feel, what we need to do is work with and through these feelings allowing you time to process and understand what is going on.  Counselling gives a client an impartial view, a secure place to express what is going on and the ability to have a voice.

In today’s world everyone is rushing around with 9 million things to do, we don’t have local community, family around the corner, and our best friends from school may live 200 miles away.  People no longer have the support network that we previously have had, it easy to get swept along hiding behind work or children as safety with no one to talk to freely. It takes a brave person to admit that they need help and when someone says I’m not coping we need to be there for them, listen, support, encourage asking questions to try and help them find out how to proceed, work through and understand themselves, especially when they have felt so isolated by their life circumstances.

Asking for Help is a sign of Strength- Fact!!!!!