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Wow Big Change this am!

Yesterday 72% of the population stepped out  and voted in one of the biggest elections of  in my lifetime.   52% voted leave and 48%.

However I believe whichever way the vote had gone CHANGE  inevitable!

At the moment, you can read Facebook and twitter posts reacting to the BREXIT results and on occasions it is getting nasty; may be the fact that the British people voted out is a big mistake and one that we will all have to deal with the consequences,  but may be it’s not.  The fact is it is far to early to know.

At the moment there is a massive amount of fear and what ifs; we do not know what will happen and this is throwing everyone in to turmoil.   The media are stepping in and feeding our fears;  telling us what has happened.   The continuous loop of doom and gloom, reinforces the negativity and reminds me of  our own self talk.

Divorce – an official or legal process to end a marriage

I have just heard a BBC reporter describe Brexit as a ‘Divorce’.  Comparing our exit from the EU to the ending of a relationship is comparatively the best metaphor.   In most  relationship breakdowns there is one who wants to leave and  one that want to stay,  clear divides in friendships, taking of sides, with the added bonus of finger pointing and blame, the list is endless!

Change is going to happen!

Ulimately  change happens,  it can seem catastrophic, only in the long term,  be positive.  I frequently talk to clients about Change,   because ultimately this is why they come for counselling .   Yes it is frightening, yes it may not work, but surely standing still isn’t living? What it comes down to today is how are our government (including the Bank of England) going to respond?

Louise Hay always say it isn’t what has happened its the way we respond to it that causes the problem.