Blood Moon

Blood Moon

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This week we witnessed a natural phenomenon in the form of the Blood Moon.

What is a Blood Moon?

In scientific terms a Blood Moon refers to a total lunar eclipse which is when the earth eclipses a full moon.  The sunlight is blocked and the sun’s rays light up the moon,  taking on a reddish colour.  This is called Rayleigh scattering; which also is responsible for the colourful sunrises and sunsets along with sky looking blue.  If you google Blood moon pages and pages of information will come up scientific and spiritual.

The question is can the Moon, Sun and Stars really effect a persons day to day wellbeing?

A horoscope is a forecast of a person’s future.   Typically including a delineation of character and circumstances, based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person’s birth. Even if you don’t believe the horoscopes in the papers, is it possible that they do effect us on a level that we have no level comprehension?

The Moon, Sun and Stars all have an effect on natural occurance even if small. Gravity pulling on the earth, the sun keeping the earth in orbit, Jupiter and the moon effecting the level of the sea depending on how close it is to the earth.  So why not the indivdual? Does the position of a planet really effect an indivdual like many people believe?  For example is the full moon makes us all  go ”crazy”.

From a spiritual point of view Monday’s Blood Moon has brought a big energy shift of connection to love.  With the prediction of those who are not connected with themselves and others falling into despair, heighten anxiety, feeling over emotional, destructive actions and thoughts could get people into trouble. Apparently there will be even be an increase crime  (something I may have to investigate at some point).

I often live in two worlds my scientific side and my spiritual side and often lead my life in internal conflict and question both.  I Have spent 2o years in the medical field, where scientific proof and research is part of the background! However I also have witnessed (or experienced) a holistic/spirtual approach to not only have the same results but on occassions better; therefore I have to believe that sometime things are scientifically unexplainable.  My conclusion is to take away from both worlds the things that resonate and leave the other stuff behind.

So do I believe that the Blood Moon at 3am Monday morning has effected everyone? I’m still in two minds! All I can say is over the last few days, I’ve had the most intense time of my counselling career.   Clients are having profound and new feelings; relying on me more for support whilst they are unable to cope.  I have spent the week sat with a clients, responding to calls and emails, booking appointments!  So even though my scientific brain will be ”Yeah right” my spiritual brain is ”aha”.

All I can say if  your a believer or not the most important thing is that help is there if you want and need it!

Have a good week.

ps the picture isn’t of the blood moon, I was too busy sleeping!