Change Part 1

Change Part 1

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Any kind of therapy brings change, change means moving forward, it can be frightening or exciting perhaps even both. It all depends on if we feel what is happening is good for us or if it will be a negative situation.

In the last year I have gone through changes, I became a mom (frightening), my main place of employment was sold and I was tupe’d over (frightening), and The Foundation for Emotional Therapy has just changed its name to The Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling (about time positive).For many years emotional therapy was been dismissed as a counselling therapy by clients- for those who worked as an emotional therapist like myself it was hard work to get clients fighting with people who specialise in CBT, Psychotherapy and the various other talking therapies out there became a struggle.

Under the leadership of our current chairwoman who could see that we were beginning to fight a losing battle  and the sense of our foundation members voting we our now have counselling in our title.  The young ones like myself our happy the older ones i’m not so sure.  For over 20 years the foundation and its members have worked hard at getting the recognition that we deserve Emotional Therapy worked but people who didn’t live in the area of the foundation weren’t getting clients.  I’m sure that a few of the original therapist aren’t happy that maybe we have lowered ourselves to go with the popular, maybe we have.  My point been that if something isn’t working then something has to change!!!

Yes change is frightening, yes the change may not work, but is standing still living?  next time you know that something needs to change ask yourself this.

* What is Stopping you?
* Are you frightened that you might succeed?
* Are you worried that you might fail?
*Are you worried what others will say?

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