Emotional Therapeutic Counselling

Choosing any kind of counselling can be difficult, because when it comes to emotional issues, the selection process can be more difficult.

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling (ETC) provides clients a safe, non-judgemental environment to explore their feelings no matter what is going on, encouraging them to learn about their own emotional wellbeing.

Along with the traditional counselling sessions, ETC uses a variety of tools and techniques that can help us explore our past and present situations looking at any links to our emotions.  Working through emotional pain can help clients to move forward, make necessary changes and lead to greater personal understanding and growth.

The questions to ask:

Persistently Unhappy?

Feeling of Not Coping?


Relationship Problems?

Ill Health?


Anxious all the time?

What is the problem?

Often what the problem is, is we don’t know what the problem is! Making repeatable mistakes and following the same patterns.  On occasions possibly knowing what the problem is!  However feeling unable to move forward,  knowing that we want something to be different.

In either case Emotional Therapeutic Counselling can help.

Session Times and Fees:

Initial Consultation – 60 minutes – £50.00.

Follow up sessions – 50 minutes – £50.00