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In february I attended a CPD workshop held by the Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling on Art Therapy, art isn’t something that I’m particular good at, I appreciate it to look at and I certainly appreciate the talent of anyone who can paint, draw, make amazing things out of clay, ceramics, silversmithing, the creativity that is behind ever picture, pottery piece, ring has always had me wishing that I am an artistic person.

During the workshop many of my colleagues commented on how it wasn’t about the act it was the process of creating and as I looked at my inner child clay blob (yes blob, it didn’t really look like a person), I felt disappointed yet again in my lack of artistic and creactive talent. I left disappointed with my creations but at the same time with complete understanding how art can help in a therapy situation.

Over the years I have tried many art projects in the hope that I would find something that would absorb me, allowing me to create amazing pieces that I would love and would feel confident enough to show to other people from pottery to pastels, jewellary making to mosaics and nothing fitted. You may ask why is this relevent? its relevant beacuse creativity allows you to express something without saying it.

Many years ago I attended a City in Guilds in photography at the time before digital, I did it to prove someone wrong, yes I learnt alot but at the time I didn’t love it, why because I don’t think I put myself into the pictures, I didn’t know what I wanted to say and went for easy options. A while ago a wonderful friend gave me a digital SLR and over the last 18 months I have begun to take photos, initially holiday photo style snaps but over the last 12 months I have started to take photos the way I like by putting my soul into something rather than snapping away and guess what I am creating and I’m artistic. All but two of the photos on my website are mine (butterfly on my main page a gift from a friend and I brought the reflexology photo because I felt that was my best option).

It may be a cliche and may have taken me a while but I have found my creativity!

I believe somehow I had my wires crossed! It isn’t about something being perfect, its about loving and having passion when doing it. If you don’t love it, it will show in what you do in life whether it be your job, your relationship or the lump of clay you have in front of you. Creativity is part of life and to move forward your creating everyday it doesn’t have to be a great masterpiece you just need to love what your doing.

After posting today’s blog RAF Falcons contacted me and asked to use my featured photo for their Facebook page.