Emotional Responsibility

Emotional Responsibility

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Responsibility is what most of us would say in that most areas of our lives we carry out well, maybe we begrudge it but we do it, we pay the bills, the mortgage, the rent, we work, the list is endless. But how many of us actually take responsibility for our emotional well-being?  if we have a fight with someone or something happens, that has a negative impact on our lives do we blame other people?

I have to admit that this is something that I personally struggled with.  I didn’t agree with the experts and writers that I turned to when I needed.  One of  Louise Hay’s philosophies’ is ”we are each responsible for our all our experiences”.  I can hear the disagreement!  and yes you are right if we knew the outcome to all our decisions then we wouldn’t do the things that have a negative impact on us (and I agree with that of course we wouldn’t put ourselves in dangerous and difficult positions),  however we are responsible for our thoughts, emotions and reactions to every given situation positive or negative.It is easy when we are in pain to blame another person/event/situation. YES the other person has responsibility, but for their behaviour, they may behave in an appalling way towards you, but how do you respond too such behaviour?

Do you express your needs, thoughts and feelings?
Do you say that their behaviour is unacceptable?
Do you walk away only to bitch about the event or person later?
Do you blame them for the whole of your life?

Initially maybe confronting a situation isn’t the safest or  of things to do and maybe going away and licking our wounds is essential, initial moaning of the event or person, but after a while this isn’t beneficial if it is stopping us move forward.  After a while we need to work out exactly what has effected us so much and why we have responded in such away.

We’ve all had events that have effected us deeply.  We have all had events that we behave one way for a similar event to happen and for us to respond in the opposite way.  What is important is we register what is happening, take ownership of our emotions and work through them in a constructive way, asking for help if needed.  If we take responsibility for ourselves then we have a greater understanding of ourselves! and when something happens we know that we will not only be able to recognise what is going on but also move forward, instead of the blame game we take emotional responsibility!