Forgetting to Play

Forgetting to Play

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Forgetting to play is about the part of us that we lose when life gets in the way! Responsibilty of bills, family, work, childern the list is endless.

I have written about responsibility several times and I believe that tour emotional wellbeing is down to ourselves.  However I also believe there is a downside to it!

When we watch childern, the simplest things give them pure joy.  There laughter is infectious and their wander about the world inspiring.  Somepoint we lose this, is it because we are too quick in our desire to grow up?

Recently on a family outing, whilst we watched our kids running around and enjoying the giant bouncing pillows my brother in law commented on the the adults who were also bouncing!  I laughed and pointed out that life and responsibilty stops us doing things things that we once loved!

Think about it for Five seconds

When was the last time you dis something just for pure enjoyment? laughed so hard you cried? I am not talking about th standard past times that adults take part in such as going to the gym, photography, reading or eating/drinking or catching up friends! I’m talking about the daft and the stupid, recapturing something from our youth, or even trying something knew!

When was the last time you went down a slide, went on the swings, painted your hands with PVA glue just so you can peel it off, played with poster paints, jumped in a puddle or on a bouncy castle?  All these things connect us to a part of ourselves that at somepoint we forgot about, a side that needs to come out once in a while.

Forgetting to Play

I am just as guilty, life can always get in the way and although this weekend I attended a CPD course on colour (Art Therapy);  I had the opportunity to play with water colours for the majority of the day. What I did do was connect with a part of myself I had long forgotten, to the point I could even remember washing paintbrushes at primary school,  and I found an enjoyment about painting for painting sake, that definately was lost!

This week I challenge you to find something long forgotton that provided you with joy, wander and laughter and for once forego the responsibilty for just 10minutes.