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Gossip we all do it even if it’s only to a small degree! we hear something and we need to know if it true! often havING an opinion.

As much as I’d like to say there is harmless gossip, I’m going to say most gossip has the ability to destroy someone’s world!

If we look at the celebrity gossip world, we will hear so and so this or so and so that, taking up camps in team Jennifer or team Angelina in the Aniston-Pitt-Jolie Triangle of a few years ago, or even Jodi Foster reluctance to hold a press conference to tell the world she is infact Gay! All whilst the media speculated.  The papers, blogs and television all knowing the ins and out of everything, the pain of the injured party, and the inside of the new nuptials.

Perhaps celebrities’ lives appear perfect and when things go wrong for them we enjoy watching them fall from their pedestal? No matter what any celebrity says I honestly feel that gossip hurts them as much as it would hurt us when we are gossiped about by friends, family or work colleagues, we are all still people with feelings. To me there is no real difference.

The fact is unless we were standing in a room with all parties we don’t actually know what happened and even then its our perception of a situation will play a part.

This week we saw Charlie Sheen admit his HIV status! Why? Because he was forced to do so by an 18 month Enquirer investigation. I am not here to defend or prosecute as I have no idea if Charlie told or did not tell his sexual partners of his status. However after 18 months of gossip and speculation about his health he felt he had no choice!

When really is it the world’s business to know?

HIV to this day still has a huge stigma about it!  So why on the moment of diagnosis, when he is dealing with a significant life changing event would he hold a press conference and announce that his HIV status? He may have behaved appallingly and done things that perhaps in the worlds eye he shouldn’t have.  Charlie reverted to his past behaviour of drugs, alcohol and sex,  perhaps he shouldn’t have done this that or the other, but he did! and do we really know how we would respond in the same circumstances?

We have all heard comments from people when gossiping, such as:

  • Why is she still with him? he cheated
  • I would never let a man hit me!
  • She’s only with him for his money!
  • I don’t get depression!

The fact of the matter is none of us actually know for certain how we would respond to anything!  We may think one thing but when or if it happens respond in completely the opposite way.

When private matters happen even if it is to a celebrity then there is a right to keep it private ensuring the relevant people are made aware if necessary.

At some point we all have done something that we are not proud of!  None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them and move forward.

For most of us we won’t have our lives, successes (or failures), our health, bank balance plastered across international news but still gossip hurts! The only people who know what is going on are those who are directly involved!

In 2013 Jodi Foster was awarded a lifetime achievement award at the golden globes. Her acceptance speech speaks volumes on todays world of needing to know everything detail of  famous people’s lives, when really the people who matter are the people who are the closest to them.

Gossip forces someone to deal with something they are unwilling or unable to deal with at that time. Possibly forcing someone into making rash decisions, which may not be the best thing for themselves in the future. Giving people time to process means they are able to make the right decision without fear of ridicule and gossip.