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Gratitude according to the Oxford english dictionary means:  quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

When the world appears to be against us gratitude is something we often forget about, all we can see is the bad, we can’t acknowledge or look at the little things that even for a short time put a smile on our face, or touched us in someway; we often able to express gratitude and/or kindness to others but not oursleves!

Focusing on the bad creates more bad, I agree that sometimes we need to lick our wounds, wallow, cry but at somepoint we need to let go, yes the feelings are still there but if we keep looking for the bad we can’t see the good.

Letting go isn’t that easy, if we could turn off our feelings like a light switch I’m pretty sure on occasions we all would do it, I believe that to truly let go we need to work through the feelings, however at the same time we need to look at the little things that help us to see the good things in our life.

Concentrating on saying thank you for the good things opens us up to registering that there are amazing things withinour lives, and adjusts our focus.  I often will ask my clients to list the things they are grateful for so they can register this.


Gratitude is’nt just about saying thank you to the person behind the shop counter, your friend for cooking you dinner or even your Mom for doing your washing, it is about registering the small simple things that make a difference to our life.  It may be the 10 cups of tea/coffee that you drank that day, the 8 hours sleep you managed to get the night before, or it may be the surprise party or gift someone gives you, but it will also include be the food you eat that provides nourishment, the water you drink that keeps you hydrated, having 5 minutes of peace before the kids wake up!!  The list is endless.

The challenge is every night before you go to bed is to think of 10 things that you are gratful for and to try to sleep on that positive note.