Heartfelt Connection Vs Social Media

Heartfelt Connection Vs Social Media

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This week I attended my first council meeting for The Foundation, forgetting my Kindle -shock horror, what was I meant to do on an hour long train journey when knowing that I needed to retain my battery for my phone.  Surely its only a hour I could sit there and watch the world go by, strike up a conversation with the person sat next  to me? No I needed a barrier, something that protected me from having a connection with the outside world!  This then had me thinking is the big fight really Heartfelt connection Vs Social Media?

Heartfelt Connection Vs Social Media who is going to win?

On my journey down I looked at all the other passengers and watched as one by one each of us got on the train and looked for vacant seats that wouldn’t involve sitting next to a stranger, getting out their Ipads, laptops and phones and watched them all avoid eye contact and stare at a screen, most of the actual screens were on Facebook, and it got me thinking do we use are devices and books as barriers to avoid human contact? Have we lost the art of conversation? and Can we just not sit for 1 hour and watch the countryside go by?

I love social media, I actively use most formats for personal and business use and I’m not knocking its use as most of my clients have come to me through my constant persistence in updating my pages with offers and wise words.  For any business now social media is a must as most people turn there to look for possible products, services or general information. I am just as guilty at using my beloved Iphone as a barrier to avoid talking to a stranger don’t get me wrong.

With more and more of us using social media as a way to communicate with everyone, people personal data and information been out there for all to see, I again can’t help but wander if we are missing out on something so important- CONNECTION.

More of us now are living away from our childhood homes, our family and friends and although we may have made friendships are they the kind that we can be truthful about our hearts desires, worries and pains? With little or no support social media has become our friend, family and lover.

Often we will put something on Facebook to get a connection, unfortunately facebook can’t deliver to our cry for help, a need for a real connection, yes people will ask if everything is OK, but they aren’t there with you, connecting with you on the level that we need to heal.

The questions are:

Can Facebook give us a hug when we really need it?

How many times have you read an email, text or status wrong and took offence?

Can you leave your phone at home and not panic?

In days gone by when we didn’t have mobile phones, I would arrange on a Saturday night that my friends would meet at this time at this place, if I was late and they had moved to another venue I’d find them and  If something bad happened my friends would come round and be with me.  Face to Face contact will always be the easiest of ways to connect to a person, language, tone of voice and body language will never be replaced.

With more and more of us not having heartfelt connection, counselling is coming more into play by offering a place where people can get that connection whilst working through what is happening.

A trusted friend and mentor encourages us to put down the phone, laptop and social media one day a week, EASY- no harder than you may think! I’m challenging you to go one day of turning your mobile off, avoiding the Internet especially social media and BE presence with family and friends.

The ironic thing is, I will be sorting the social media out for the foundation but I WILL turn off all my technology on a Sunday- PROMISE!

And in the battle of Heartfelt connection vs social media who wins in your world