Masaro Emoto

Masaro Emoto

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Music unquestionably affects our emotions. We tend to listen to music that reflects our mood. When we’re happy we may listen to upbeat music; when we’re sad we may listen to slower, moving songs; when we’re angry we may listen to darker music with heavy guitar, drums, and vocals that reflect our level of anger.  Which then had me thinking can music alter our emotions?

In 1994 Masaro Emoto had the idea of freezing water and under a microscope. He believed that you should be able to see something like snow crystals.  He observed crystals of tap water, river water, and lake water.  He found that tap water, river and lakes within big cities that you could not get any beautiful crystals; but from the water from rivers and lakes where water is kept away from development and in pristine condition, beautiful crystals would form with each one having its own uniqueness.  Within his experiments Masaro Emoto observed the frozen crystals after:

Showing letters to water 

Showing pictures to water 

Playing music to water

Praying to water

The result was that we see beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water and disfigured crystals in the opposite situation. 

 So how does this link to counselling?

Often I will talk to my clients about negative self talk and how it effects us, we want to move forward but our belief system of ugly, fat, thick, stupid will hinder any progress that we try to make, the clothes we wear, the music we play, the  food we eat, the places we live can all hinder our progress.  If we fill our lives with things that are negative just like the water in Masaro Emoto’s experiments our emotions will become disfigured, maybe even amplified.

When people come for counselling they want things to change they no longer want the negative aspects of their life. Although the outside world will always play a part in any counselling session its the internal world that we are really looking at the negative self talk, the real and true emotions to what is happening along with how its effecting us. How can we shine, grow and look beautiful to the world if we don’t feel it, believe it ourselves?

During a course of counselling at some point a switch is flicked!  A client who only said negative things about themselves will begin to acknowledge their strengths, they will stop hiding in the shadows and will dress differently adding colour or no longer wearing baggy clothes, will eat better and start to find enjoyment in life.
The most important part of counselling is learning about ourselves, accepting ourselves, believing in ourselves and approving of ourselves.  Counselling will give us the space to explore who we really are, we learn to no longer deny our needs and desires and in time believe and approve of who we really are.

On writing this Blog today I became aware that Masaro Emoto died in the early hours of this morning.  I thank him for all his work in showing us the effect of negative energy/self talk on the world.  My thoughts are with his family. May you rest in peace.

Masaro Emoto Book: Water Crystal Healing: Music and Images to Restore Your Well-being Hardcover, is avaliable from Amazon