One to Make You Think

One to Make You Think

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Many years ago a friend of mine received an email, What if the world were 100 people?  It really caught my friends attention who then forwarded it to everyone he knew.  Yesterday I was thinking about this I tried to find the old email without success but came across edudemic which I think is very similar and used as diversity training and taken from statistics.

So what if the world only had 100 people?

50 would be female

50 would be male

74 would be adults (8 of them over 65 years old)

26 would be children

There would be

60 Asians

15 Africans

14 Americans

11 Europeans

33 Christians

22 Muslims

14 Hindus

7 Buddhists

12 People practice other religions

12 People practicing no religion

12 would speak Chinese

5 would speak Spanish

5 would speak English

3 would speak Arabic

3 would speak Hindi

3 would speak Bengali

3 would speak Portuguese

2 would speak Russian

2 would speak Japanese

62 would speak other languages

83 would be able to read and write therefore 17 would not be able too.

Only 7 would have a college degree

22 people would own or access to a computer

77 would have a place to keep them safe and warm therefore 23 would be homeless

1 would die of starvation

15 would be under nourished

21 would be obese

87 would have access to a clean water supply leaving 13 without access.

One to Make you think

When you look at the world through 100 people it changes our perspectives somehow, we have misconceptions to how the world is or perhaps should be.

Perception is a big part of counselling, how we perceive a situation or event will not be like another persons. Initially we will talk about it, associate our feelings around it then we may look to see if we have learnt something that will help us in the future.  Similar to Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes, every event has something to teach us, initially it will be hard to see but after a while its important to look at it with fresh eyes and acknowledge what we have learnt.

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