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On one of my training weekends with The Foundation Course for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling we carried out a task that involved the group sitting around a table a stone about the size of my hand was placed before us and we had 5minutes to write about what we saw, the easy answer is a stone on a table but you would be surprised what myself and my fellow class mates came up with, each with our own take and very few statements crossing over, YES maybe it was a weird exercise but with such varied results it showed us how we all see thinks differently; therefore this was a lesson in Perception.

Perception Definition-

The way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.

The lesson taught us that we don’t see the same things even when we are presented with the same information! and how we all interpret things differently.

For instance how many times have you read an email or text message and took it as someone is having a dig? Only to speak to the person to realise that what was said wasn’t meant in the way you have taken it.

The written word is far easier to misinterpret than when face to face and what can be written as a joke can literally be taken in the opposite way, without body language and tone of voice its easy to get confused and read it wrong.

Have you ever listened to someone tell you a story having heard the same story but with both people seeing the event differently? Or tried to tell someone how upset you were by an event or situation for the other person not to see your point of view or worse? Perception is a funny thing the way one person sees an event is completely different to the other person involved.  It is no wander that we often end up confused when someone misinterprets our actions! The key thing here is everyone is different, they have a different thought pattern and social programming to the next person.

The thing we need to do is not jump to conclusions! If we are unsure ask because its our reaction that could be the problem! For instance I recently had a text chat with a lovely friend of mine who read a emoticon as I was up to no good with another friend, apart from trying to control my laughter as I walked to work (I literally had tears rolling down my face) , I reread my text and could see exactly why she had misinterpreted it, thankfully she asked, but she could have gone away thinking all sorts or spread untrue rumours! Just as we all have when we have recieved a text or email that we have read narky and gone on to think and say ”whats there problem”! Responding negatively back and escalating a problem that until our response didn’t exist.