Presidential Election

Presidential Election

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Today I set my alarm form 2am to watch the Presidential Election Results come in. Just like Brevity the results for most people as a massive shock. In the UK most people believe that Hilary Clinton would be not only the next President but also the first female president.

What are the Presidential Election and Brexit Results Saying?

Here in the UK many of us Brits have watched the election with interest and fear. From the media reports Clinton and  Trump were not the ideal candidates. Trump also appeared to come off worse.

I won’t go into the political side.  though I have to wander why both in the UK and USA why we have chosen what wasn’t predicted! Is it disillusion with the establishment?  Anger? Fear?

In both the Presidential Election and Brexit, Trump and the leave campaign managed to identify and say the things that people are scared of! The concerns about a variety of different political issues! that they feel unheard, disregarded and often ignored!  They played on the fears of the people and then poked them till they got angry!

Facebook and twitter posts reacting to the election results are bouncing around; on on occasions getting nasty; it could be that the American people voting for Trump is a mistake and one that we will all have to deal with,  but may be it’s not.  The fact is it is far to early to know.