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The reason why I  decided to train in Reflexology is:

Like many pregnant women before me, I wanted to know how to get labour started towards the end of the 9 months. Feeling uncomfortable, tired and just pure excitement are just some of the reasons along with the fact my daughter was due the 18th December and I did not want her to be born on Christmas day. Fortunately for me, my friend is a reflexologist and apart from having my feet massaged and the many therpeutic benefits (just having my feet rubbed at this point was a godsend) research suggested that reflexology could help to start labour! So starting from the end of November I visited Hilary Leach at weekly until my due date.

During this time Hilary worked on my feet and I asked her 9 million questions, curious to how reflexology worked, what point was what within my body; stirring my curiosity. After my daughter came along Hilary again worked on my feet enabling my body to repair and restore, yet again I bombarded her with several questions about reflexology. Three years later I decided to attend a course to learn more about this ancient treatment. (Hilary probably breathed a sigh of relief at this point with all my questioning over the last three years)

Reflexology is a ancient treatment that has beeen traced backed to both the Chinese and Egyptians. The theory of how Reflexology works is by massaging the feet and working on specfic points that represent organs and systems within our bodies we help to release blocked energy and help our bodies to rebalance and heal itself.

Reflexology itself feels like a relaxing foot massage that uses pressure to stimulate the various reflex points found on the body, by massaging these areas it is believed to offer a way of treating the whole body which is an important factor of all natural health therapies, not only allowing symptoms to be treated but also the causes.

As with all Holistic Health Treatments Reflexology doesn’t claim to cure illnesses but many people have found they’ve been helped by reflexology. The reported benefits of Reflexology include muscle relaxation, circulation improvement, body balancer, detoxification and cleansing. All in all Reflexology is a calming and relaxing treatment which in todays stressful world is a way for people to unwind and relax; which is always going to be good for our emotional and physical wellbeing.

If you are interested in reflexology I am currently looking for case studies as part of my diploma course. Appointments are for 1 hour 30 minutes, this includes consultation and if appropiate treatment (some medical conditions require GP guidence before treatment can be carried out)for £20.

Thanks for reading

ps My daughter was born on time and although I cannot prove it, I’m pretty sure Reflexology helped- Thanks Hilary!

Hilary has since gone on to train in all aspects of womens health including Reproflexoloy and Maternity reflexology) and would highly recommend her for advanced knowledge and training if you require support in reproduction, lympathtic drainage or Maternity support she is your girl to go to!