Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

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This week sees me say goodbye to a job that I have held for 15 years. I say goodbye with mixed feelings in my heart and above all else knowing that the time is right.

Saying goodbye to a practice that at one point I enjoyed and cherish has not been an easy decision.  Dentistry has been my world for over twenty years most of which I have spent there.  I have made friends built relationships and watched families grow! However the time came that the enjoyment I once held for a job is no longer there, my motivation and my inspiration subsiding on a daily basis.

Self Talk

Initially like most people including those that sit in my counselling chair, I questioned, was it a phase I was going through? Fear and doubt stepped in, I backed out, questioned my decision, my little self talk voice appeared!

Thankfully I have therapist angels that challenge me every day to follow my dreams and making me accountable for my actions and decisions.

This is part of what counselling is about, stepping out of our comfort zones!  Clients will want something to change, it really doesn’t matter what it is however fear steps in and forces things to stay the same!  Stepping up and taking action isn’t always easier, BUT!!! is living a half life of sadness, staying exactly the same never changing or growing living?

Saying Goodbye

It may be hard to do no matter what the situation, but sometimes it has to be done!