Shades of Colour

Shades of Colour

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Many years ago I sat on a train and listened to my family take on my life with gusto. At the time I had made a choice to enjoy myself, putting my needs first and making the choice to stay single!   As many people can imagine my choices were not going down well!  BUT WHY? The phase ”Lisa, the world isn’t black and white” was banded about.   Although I agreed the world is full of shades of colour they were missing my points, I needed to do the things I was doing to protect myself, work out my needs and to make a massive change.

The world is full of shades of colour!

We are all individuals and we need to find our way, making our choices based on what are needs are. We maybe ‘wrong’ we maybe ‘making the biggest mistake of our life’ but that is up to us!  Loved ones often find us changing hard, to especially if  they do not understand or agree with them; often disagreements will happen, where they will do everything in their power to stop the change.

Why? Change for many is a very scary thing, people like things the way they are. Along with the possibility that when someone makes the decision to change it can often highlight the things that we also need to change,  making us feel uncomfortable.

Change is an important part of growth, for instance are you the same person you were when you were at school?  You may say yes, however I want you to think about this before you answer, before you answer!

The important thing I always think about is what is right for you isn’t always right for me! and vice versa.  If we all had the same taste, same thrills, same ambitions, the world would be black and white!  Its imortant to acknowledge that my decisions are right for me, without drama and at the same time recognise that your decisions are yours and right for you.