”I became more aware of the nasty things I use to say to myself, with Lisa’s help I found a mantra to use when I became aware I was doing this.  At first I found this hard but as time went on I notice how my positive mantra was actually the truth, ETC really help me to see I wasn’t stupid, ugly or horrible”  LB

“It highlighted aspects about myself I had never considered before and helped me to better understand myself and my relationships but it also highlighted for me a better way of understanding others.”

“Focusing on my feelings helped me to see that we have to be true to ourselves and learn to stop living as we feel we should live and accept that others have the same right.”

“It has helped me to consolidate my life experience so that I can use it more effectively for myself, those I love and work with and all those who I come into contact with.”

“ETC, then, allows a client to confront their fears and let go of their pain. It helps to bring an individual to a point of personal power, where they are courageous enough to make their own choices in life.”

“I learnt a lot about myself and will take that understanding with me into my new life.”

“With grateful thanks for all your patience, understanding and help over the past months.”