The Gift of Time Travel

The Gift of Time Travel

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In the very early hours of the morning whilst I was on maternity leave and realising that the alarm would be going off for my husband to go to work and deciding that the 20 minutes sleep I may get just wasn’t worth attempting I came across a television program called Being Erica.

Being Erica is an American Sitcom based on the therapeutic relationship. Erica in her time of need is offered therapy by Dr Tom. The therapy itself is a little off the wall should we say, but each episode looks at how Erica’s current situation is affected by her past.

At some point at the start of her therapy she wrote a list of all her regrets/mistakes.

Each session starts with a problem or a lesson to be learnt. There is a little exploring of one of her regrets that initially to Erica there seems to be no connection-then BAM Dr Tom transports her back in time into her then body to look at and explore the regret with fresh eyes, yes she fights to try to change the situation (who wouldn’t) but she learns her lesson and sees how her current situation can be helped by her past.

Regrets are funny things some of us see them as lessons, others just add more and more to their list of things they had wished they’d done harbouring feelings that they can’t explain and never moving forward.

Ok i don’t have the ability to time travel, I wish I did! (The Gift of Time Travel would certainly be helpful) But what I do have is a tool box that enables me to metaphorically take a person back to a significant event/problem which is stopping them moving forward and enjoying their life.

One technique I love to use is:

Once you have listed the significant people, where you meet and the words they say to you, cross out the headings and change them too Teacher, Schoolroom and Lesson.
What did you learn?
Did you expect that?
Is it true what they said?
Has it given you a new perspective?
Reasons, Seasons and Lifetimes is and always will be one of my favourite tools, often we get so wrapped up in the fact someone has hurt us, left us or in some cases destroyed us we can’t see the glorious lesson that can be taken from such an experience.