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Therapies, over the last few years have come in to competion with each other.  Often with practitioners saying there therapy is better than another, or this therapist is better than that one.  I often wander how clients manage to select either.

Most therapists weather it be a bodywork or counsellor will have intensive training along with us all having to do continuing professional development courses! So even if a therapist is a middle aged man he will have been trained to the highest standard in the therapies he has chosen to train in.

Recently myself and a colleague were chatting in our reception/waiting area when a potential client  asked us about which counselling modality would be better for him.   My colleague instantly said CBT!  My response was I think its about finding counsellor who they felt like they could talk to.

Why do I believe this?  Therapies are a personal journey.

I believe that a client needs to feel safe and supported.  Yes we are trained to a very high standard; however if a client doesn’t feel comfortable with their therapist then we are already fighting a battle!  I  believe that my clients chose me because they are looking for someone to identify with their problem and not what style of counselling I do.

There are a lot of cross over in many therapies in what they can treat and how they can help;  because we are all indivduals no one therapy is better than any other! that one therapy will work for one but not another.

If you google a health complaint/ailment thousands of therapies and therapist will  appear on your screen.  When ask what would be good for this?  I will always try to help the client find what is best for them; asking questions, for instance why recommend acupuncture to a needlephobic when reflexology could possible help.

I truly believe as a therapist  my clients best interests are more important than mine. If a client believes that what I do isn’t working for them I would rather they tried something that they feel could work.  I have a duty of care and if  I believe Emotional Therapeutic Counselling is wrong for them then I have  say so making appropiate recommedations if necessary.