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A few weeks ago I attended a CPD day on marketing, the lovely Deborah and Tracey encourage us to look at awareness day for us to blog about.   So today as I breifly flicked through the February awareness days I came accross National Toothache Day!

Yes Toothache Day!

Toothache Day has seriously got to be a joke, right! NO it exists! The National Day calender are unable to find out who evented the day.  As I sat and chatted to my dental colleagues about a day that none of us ever heard of (considering most of us have worked within the job 20 years and above) we ended up recognising dental cares importance, and how there is a large number of the population who do not attend because of Fear!

Toothache Day relates to the Fear of the dentist, Fear in general relates to counselling!

A massive proportion of the population, have a fear of something, the dentist, public speaking, spiders, heights, flying; the list is endless, some of the appear rational, some of them appear irrational to an observer.

Fear is natural, we are born with it! It is a survivial mechanism that is built within us, however fear becomes a problem if it stops us doing things.

Sue Jeffers Book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway is often a book that I recommend (lend even) to clients.  She encourages people to acknowledge the feeling, take a deep breathe and go with it!