World War II

World War II

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Recently the 1940s and World War II has featured alot within my life. During the War alot of sacrifice went on between men women and children, from food rationing to been seperated from their husbands or wives, childern from their mothers and lets not forget the loss of thousands of people either through them fighting on the front, concentration camps or the air raids. I can’t help but wander if solidarity was there or if as a nation we pretended to be ok with the destruction of of the world as they knew it.

At a recent 1940s event held at The Black Country Musuem there was a demostration of an air raid warning and a rescue mission, as the siren went off I cannot imagine the terror that everyone would have felt, the sound is deafening and on top of that there would have been the sound of planes flying overhead and bombs crashing down.

Why am I writing about World War II?

To be honest I don’t know! The problems of World War II may appear not to exist in todays society? We aren’t rationed, most of us aren’t sending our loved ones to war and those that are show immense courage in doing so, but we certainly don’t have the solidarity that we are told existed and shown in 1940s films.

Individually we have become quiet insular if it doesn’t directly effect us then most people don’t actually appear to care. How many of us actually know our neighbours for instance, I personally leave my house most days at 7am and often don’t get home until 9pm if I’ve have clients booked in the evening; so I don’t tend to see my neighbours let alone have time to have a chat, its not that I don’t care; I would like to think I would notice if something wasn’t right, it is the demands on my life mean I don’t get to see them.

Alot of us no longer live around the corner from family anymore some people may live in the same city but its not just a few doors up. Over the last few years we have heard of elderly people dying in their home and no one has noticed for several days if not weeks and a person who has collapsed in the street only for no one to help them because of previous reports of people stopping to help only to have been fooled and mugged.

If you listen to grandparents about their wartime they will tell you stories ranging from comanradoree with the men that they served, stories of bombs getting hooked on meat hooks in butchers, pulling women out of bombed houses who were wearing sexy lingerie, working in factories, been a land girl, possible in th ATT, RAF or been a Wren, but what you don’t hear is the feelings that they felt at the time, you’ll hear bravardo, stories told in such a way that they make you smile and some how the stiff upper lip still existed!

Today many soliders, police, paramedics, rape victims, abuse survivors, accidents victims and eye witnesses suffer from PTSD.   In the 1940s it would have been called shellshock which would probably mean that most people would consider you a coward, many people lived away from home in the 1940s and today, but somehow today we don’t appear to have the support network that was there in the 1940s would have been there, there was no facebook, mobile phones or skype, letters had to be written and could take months to get to a loved one. Many women became pregnant out of wedlock and were condemned and shunned by their families, today it is considered a womens right to choose, racism existed beyond todays extremes and if you believe that anti-semitism didn’t exist in the UK during World War II then sadly you were wrong!

I’m not sure if I would have preferred to be in the 40s or now! I like the fact that I would have know everyone on my street, but at the same time I like my privacy and the thought of everyone knowing everything about me, not so much! I like the fact that women work in all professions and not be a stay at home mom but at the same time I want to be able to make a choice thats right for my family and I without judgement, some women want and are cut out out for it and others aren’t and both types need to be supported and encouraged. I love my technology and social media but at the same time I use my phone, kindle and laptop far too much as a barrier to the outside world and need to learn to sit back and watch the world go by.

No matter what era we are talking about I’m sure we have all heard “that wouldn’t happen in my day” I personally think it did; people have forgetton and no era is better or worse than the next its different, with the same emotions and similar events, the next generation just deal with them in a different way.

In the past PTSD wasn’t recognised and although peolple still fight for it to be a recognised condition treatment is avaliable, although in there is still stigma relating to mental health more and more people are able to recieve treatment and more and more people are looking for counsellors to help them to make positive changes; and not only are they seeing a counsellor they are admitting that they are and encouraging others to get the help they need.